Best Insignia TV Reviews

Best Insignia TV Reviews

Best Insignia TV Reviews

Best Insignia Tvs Reviews – (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

Here in this post, we are going to review the best product of insignia tv, the prices are far more reasonable providing 4k and UHD resolution at the same time with modern design.

With the purchase of Insignia TV, the user receives a lot of connected features and solid performance statistics. The overall features are most attractive for the price you are paying.

We are reviewing different sizes of Insignia TV with all the features and benefits you can avail.

Let’s dive into the best products by Insignia TV reviews and buy the one you like the most.


Insignia TV Reviews Comparison Table

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-inch Smart HD TV - Fire TV EditionInsignia NS-32DF310NA19 32 Inch TV Reviews ManualsView on amazon
Insignia 39 inch LED 720p HDTV Black (NS-39D220NA16)Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch HDTV Reviews ManualsView on amazon
All-New Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43-inch Smart 4K UHD - Fire TV Edition, Released 2020Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43 Inch Smart 4K TV Reviews ManualsView on amazon
Insignia NS-50DF711SE21 50-inch 4K UHD TV - Fire TV EditionInsignia NS-50DF711SE21 50 Inch ManualsView on amazon
All-New Insignia NS-55DF710NA21 55-inch Smart 4K UHD - Fire TV Edition, Released 2020Insignia NS-55DF710NA19 55 Inch TV Reviews ManualsView on amazon

  1. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32 Inch TV Reviews – Under $200

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32 Inch TV Reviews
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Overview of Product

  • Display Size: 5 Inch
  • Display Type: LED
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Dimensions: 9 * 17.3 * 3”
  • Alexa Compatibility: Yes
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • Wireless Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 is a Fire TV Edition which is providing a resolution of 720p providing rich colors with great picture quality.

I believe this product is the best in terms of value for money.

With the Fire TV, you will be experiencing and have access to tens of thousands of channels and apps with compatibility with Alexa. You will be having access to the followings

  1. Hulu
  2. HBO
  3. Prime Video
  4. Youtube
  5. Netflix
  6. Starz
  7. Showtime
  8. Disney+ and more

You will need to buy an additional HD antenna if you want to experience live over-the-air TV and streaming channel on Fire TV Edition.

Insignia HD Smart TV NS-32DF310NA19 review has sleek and modern design with brushless plastic corners having it’s logo mark on the middle.

The dimension of the Smart TV with a stand is 28.9” * 19” * 8.2” and without stand 28.9” * 17.3” * 3”.

The Voice Remote with insignia tv provides a superior TV experience that gets smarter every day. The voice control with the help of Alexa gives you the freedom to search for titles, movies and launch apps while sitting on your couch comfortably.

With a smart home insignia smart tv you will have the freedom to control all connected devices such as adjusting lights, setting the temperature, and locking the door with Alexa while enjoying the show.

In case you want to review the best tvs for a bright room which will help you to watch your favorite shows in a bright room without any issue.

Unique Features

  • Compatibility with Alexa
  • 32 Inch Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 Smart TV
  • Access to over 500,000 channels, apps
  • Product weight is 11.2 pounds
  • Brand is Insignia
  • The Insignia 32 inch was first available on September 24, 2018
  • You can connect to internet via wireless connectivity or with Ethernet wired connection
  • 32 Inch Smart TV
  • Alexa
  • Wifi Connectivity + Ethernet Port
  • Voice Control Remote
  • Great Picture Quality
  • Rich Colors
  • Weak Wireless Connectivity

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  1. Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch HDTV Reviews

Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch HDTV Reviews
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Overview of Product

  • Brand: Insignia
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Color: Black
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz

So, on the second number we have Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch TV reviewed, it has a stunning bright resolution of 720p that provides HD results to its user.

The 39-inch TV has a wide 178o horizontal and vertical viewing angle which means you do not have to sit right Infront of the television to experience the best result.

In case you do not have any external speakers no worries Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch TV comes with two 5W speakers that are powerful enough to be heard around the house.

Insignia NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz which is perfect for watching movies and series but not recommended for games.

NS-39D220NA16 39 Inch TV was first launched on October 22, 2015. This item weighs about 23.2 pounds and has a dimension of 38.5” * 25” * 7”.

Make sure you go through the best 55 inch smart tv under 500 reviews list as well.

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Weighs 23.2 Pounds
  • 720p Resolution
  • 178o Horizontal & Vertical Viewing Angle
  • Powerful Two Speakers
  • Not Recommended for Gamers

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  1. Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43 Inch Smart 4K TV Reviews – Under $300

Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43 Inch Smart 4K TV Reviews
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Overview of Product

  • Brand: Insignia
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 is another model of Insignia which is launched in the market on May 8, 2020 making it the latest one with awesome features which will be discussed in detail below.

This model weighs 18.7 pounds which is light and can be mounted on wall or can be adjusted on stand if you have made a proper setup.

Insignia 43 Inch Smart TV UHD has a dimension of 8.9” * 38.2“ * 24.4”.

With the purchase of Insignia 43 Inch Smart TV you will be getting the following accessories.

  1. Power Cord
  2. Online User Guide / Manual
  3. Safety Sheet Document
  4. Voice Remote with Alexa along with AAA Batteries
  5. Quick Setup Guide

Do not get worried by seeing the word Smart TV believe me it is as simple as a mobile to operate, easy to get along with unlimited features and specs in reasonable price. It does provide value to money.

Alexa has brought revolution to the digital world as it gives you the comfortability to get access to any thing just by simply conveying it to the Voice Remote. Insignia 4K UHD is a new generation of Smart TV which is featuring the Fire TV experience.

Insignia 43 Inch NS-43DF710NA21 would continue providing superior TV experience which would get smarter day by day. You will be experiencing true-to-life 4K Ultra HD picture quality along with access to all the movies and TV shows you love.

Insignia 43 Inch NS-43DF710NA21 Smart TV DTS Studio Sound review says it all one should go for this latest television. It provides almost every feature in a reasonable rate.

Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 Smart TV 4K UHD DTS Studio Sound is simple to use simply plug it in, connect the Wi-Fi and enjoy the show.

4K UHD has no comparison whatsoever till now the only latest technology that has come to the market is 8K but it is very expensive to buy or invest in. Making 4K UHD Smart TV the best option to go with.

This 43 Inch UHD Smart TV is fast as ever, it is powered by quad-core CPU/Multi-core GPU enabling the TV to result in fast and fluid responsiveness. This brand gives you multiple input and output options to connect different consoles.

This TV has HDR which means you can enjoy HDR movies, TV shows. As time passes your software would get updates which will make your TV keep on getting smarter.

Enjoy 8 million pixels that drives stunning clarity, deep contrast, and vivid colors on 43 Inch UHD 4K Smart TV.

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Unique Features

  • Access to over 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes
  • Voice Remote Control plus Alexa Compatibility
  • Multiple Input and Output
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • Ability to Stream Movies and TV Shows from Disney +, Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO and more.
  • You can connect to cable/satellite box or gaming console via HDMI ports
  • Get more out of Alexa
  • Dolby Audio
  • Use sharp knife to open the package
  • Place the TV on a flat surface over a clean blanket
  • You have multiple options for adjusting your TV on stand
  • The 43 Inch Insignia can be wall mounted using a VESA wall mount
  • Powerful CPU/ GPU
  • Smart TV
  • 4K UHD
  • Powerful Processor
  • 8 Million Pixel Delivering Clear & Crisp Quality
  • Access to Live TV + 500,000 Streaming Movies & TV Episodes
  • Might Need 2 Person for Installation

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  1. Insignia NS-50DF711SE21 50 Inch – Great Budget Smart 4K UHD TV – Fire TV Edition Reviews – Under $300

Insignia NS-50DF711SE21 50 Inch Reviews
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Overview of Product

  • Brand: Insignia
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Color: Black
  • Smart TV: Yes
  • Model Year: May 1, 2020

In this post, we are about to review the Insignia NS-50DF711SE21 50 Inch Smart 4k TV with all of the features and specs.

Insignia NS-50DF711SE21 50 Inch brings live over-the-air TV and your streaming content on the home screen. You will need to buy a separate HD antenna in order to enjoy live-over air streaming.

Experience movies and tv shows on 50 Inch Insignia Smart TV which comes to life with ultra-high-definition with the help of over 8 million pixels that drives stunning clarity, deep contrast, and vivid colors.

In past, it used to be a dream not getting out of the couch and operating the TV with help of our commands, in 2021 this is all possible thanks to Insignia Fire Smart TV Edition as they have the Voice Control Remote. It helps you in launching apps, searching shows, etc with voice commands.

You will need a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable in order to enjoy a smooth experience for HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, and much more.

Legal Disclaimer

You might need to subscribe to some services.

Alexa helps you in controlling your smart home while sitting and enjoying your movie or show. You can dim or turn off your lights, start your robot vacuum cleaner, and much more.

While streaming different channels you might end up getting hungry no need to get out of your comfort zone, simply ask Alexa to find you a Pizza nearby, place the order and enjoy.

You can go through best 50 inch smart tv reviews as well if you interested in that dimensions.

  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Live TV + Over 500,000 Streaming Movies & TV Episodes
  • Control your Smart Home
  • Get More Out of Alexa
  • Control your TV
  • HDMI Connectivity
  • Powerful Speakers

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  1. Insignia NS-55DF710NA19 55 Inch TV Reviews – Best Budget 4K Smart TV

Insignia NS-55DF710NA19 55 Inch TV Reviews
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Overview of Product

  • Model: 2015
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Brand: Insignia
  • Color: Black
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI

This is the fifth product of the Insignia 55-Inch TV review, here we are about to discuss all the features and benefits in detail below.

Insignia 55-Inch Roku TV has 1080 Full HD resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz which is best for watching movies, cartoons, and dramas.

This 55-Inch Roku TV comes in one black color giving it an extra center of attraction.

Built-in Wi-Fi comes in handy when you want to stream videos on Prime Videos, Netflix, etc or trying to search for anything on the internet.

This model of 55-Inch Insignia Roku TV has 3 HDMI inputs to connect different consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Home Theater.

Yes, it’s a Smart TV enabling you to use different apps, streaming live videos and much more.

You might be interested in bigger screen sizes, if yes than you can go through the list of best 75 inch tv under 2000 reviews.

  • Full HD
  • Smart TV
  • Bright Contrast
  • Powerful Speakers
  • Outdated Technology

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What other connections are available for HDMI, Cable & Audio-Visual Etc?

You have the following options for inputs which are as following:

  1. HDMI
  2. Antenna (Coaxial)
  3. 1 AV (Red, White, and Yellow)

How is this different than the previous 43” Smart 4K UHD HDR Fire TV Edition?

The previous model was released in 2018 whereas the 43” is released in May 2020.

How long does the warranty last?

Insignia is providing a 1-year warranty to its buyer.

What is the difference between 4K UHD and 4K UHD Studio Sound Model TV?

It is basic with Studio Sound Model TV you will be getting DTS Studio Sound post-processing which helps in creating Virtual Surround Sound for an immersive surround experience. Whereas the ordinary 4K UHD TV has basic speakers.

Can I use Bluetooth Headphones with the TV?

Yes, you can with the new models or any television that has Bluetooth connectivity in it, otherwise you can connect your headphones to the 3.5 mm audio output.

Are Insignia TV any good?

Yes, they are if you are going towards the latest model that is released in 2020, as Insignia TVs are providing value for the money and can be bought cheaper providing similar features as other brands.

Insignia TV has a different range of sizes which is up to you to invest in.

What company makes Insignia TVs?

The most popular ones are LG and Toshiba but generally, they are rebranded TVs from previous years. However, the latest model is built for the first time for Insignia.

What is wrong with Insignia TV?

Nothing is wrong with Insignia TV if you are facing issues while they are not powering up then you don’t need to worry simply try to perform a power reset and you are good to go.

Is TCL better than Insignia?

My personal opinion is set aside but many reviewers have opted for TCL instead of Insignia, but it all depends on the budget and loyalty towards a brand which is due to various factors.

Is Insignia TV a Smart TV?

Yes, the latest models are Smart TV and the few of the previous models are Smart TV.

Is Insignia owned by Best Buy?

Insignia is the brand which is owned by Best Buy. Products are made to the specification that is provided by Best Buy.

Is Insignia manufactured in China?

Yes, most of the Insignia Televisions are made in china.

Which TV brand lasts the longest?

LG, SAMSUNG, TCL, SONY & PANASONIC are the brands that last longest in comparison to the other brands.


So, we have now completed the top 5 Insignia TV reviews.

I would personally recommend going for 50-Inch Insignia Smart TV 4K UHD as most of people can afford it, the other reason for the recommendation is it is launched in May 2020 has almost every feature that popular brand has these days.

It has Alexa compatibility along with Smart TV functions having access to 500,000 services some might require a subscription.

You might go with another size without wasting time and placing your order after reading the quality reviews on our site mentioned above.

Have a nice experience. Wish you Good Luck.

Stay Safe

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